Emergency Survival Tools Kit Box 10 In 1 | With Tactical Knife, Flashlight, Credit Card, Compass, & More | For Camping, Wilderness, Preparedness, Hiking & More Diamond Way Entertainment

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Pack The Perfect Road Trip With A Diamond Way Entertainment Survival Tool Kit!

Do you happen to …

… love traveling, world exploring and into the wilderness trips?

… worry about natural disasters, automotive accidents or even a zombie apocalypse?

… always carry along multiple emergency tools and tactical gear?

Nodding, right? Well prepare yourself, because you have just found the ultimate emergency toolbox.

It has the most effective and reliable preparedness supplies. Store either at home or in the car trunk.

Feel Safe & Sound In Any Case Of Emergency With The Best Survival Tool Kit!

This 10 in 1 travel box has everything you need to make every trip safe. No more worries! We've got you covered.

Each Survival Box Contains:

· A windproof fire starter, which lasts for up to 10,000 strikes. Start a fire, cook, stay warm, and keep wild animals at bay.

· A multipurpose scale for checking map distances, or opening bottles.

· A tactical whistle. It is loud and can be carried via the key ring or tied on your backpack. For earthquakes, wilderness and sea emergencies.

· A razor-sharp knife which is compact and foldable. Cut, peel or use for self-defence!

· A navigation compass. Enjoy accurate and precise orientation even when lost in the jungle.

· A credit card tool kit. Use as a ruler, tiny saw, screwdriver, wrench, or as a bottle opener.

· A tungsten steel survival pen with glass breaker hammer. Break glasses, make notes, set yourself free.

· A keychain LED light with on and off switch for hassle free use. Long battery life.

· A bright flashlight for superior lighting performances even when it's pitch black.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, before we run out of stock again.

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